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Touring Bicycles

The bicycle you select for your travels is the most important piece of bicycle touring gear you’ll ever need to purchase… and you’ve only got one chance to find the right bike and be sure it can do everything you need it to before you hit the road.

  • The dream you are likely having involves going on a bicycle tour and having magical experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. Experiences so incredible you will tell your friends and family about them for years to come.
  • The reality, however, might be that you never complete your bike tour, because you picked the wrong touring bicycle – a bicycle that wasn’t built for the kind of bike tour you were participating in – and you were unable to return home with those magical memories you were hoping for.

TheEssential3daaaWhat many first-time bicycle tourists don’t realize is that there are several different types of bicycles made for bicycle touring. There are touring bicycles made for short day trips around your home; fast, sporty touring bicycles made for racing and light touring; and an entire separate breed of touring bicycles made to carry you and your gear all the way around the world. Plus, there are bicycles made for all kinds of other types of bike rides (that aren’t really designed for bicycle touring at all).

Pick the right bicycle for your trip and you’ll be sure to come home with those wonderful bicycle touring memories you’ve been dreaming about. But pick the wrong bicycle and your trip could be over before it’s even had a chance to begin.

Let me help you find your ideal touring bicycle!

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles is a short, descriptive book designed to teach you about the different types of touring bicycles, their various uses, and most importantly – to help you select the right bicycle for the type of bicycle tour that you wish to participate in.

With The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles, you will not only learn about what to look for in your next touring bike, but you will be given access to the world’s largest collection of touring bicycles – a detailed directory where you will be introduced to more than 100 different touring bicycle models made in various countries all over the world.

From this database of 100+ bicycles,  I will help you narrow down your selection and find the touring bicycle that will help to make your bicycle touring dreams come true.

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles is available in eBook and paperback book formats, so if you choose to, you can download the book now and start reading it right away…. or you can have the book shipped directly to your home (whichever you prefer).

Plus, The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles comes with some free bonus gifts that are included with your purchase at no extra cost (keep reading to find out more about these free gifts).


What people are saying about “The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles”

Your book – The Essential Guide to Touring Bicycles is a GOLDMINE of information. Without this book, I know for a fact that I would have limited myself to the dozen or so models at the local bike shop and likely have ended up buying the wrong bike. This book has saved me hours and hours of time, shown me a whole new world of touring bikes and helped immensely in budgeting for a bike that will fit my needs like a glove. Anyone thinking of buying a touring bicycle needs this information.

R. Kiers – Montreal, Canada

Choosing a touring bike is one of the toughest decisions you have to make when undertaking a bike tour and Darren has made that choice so much easier – saving you time, money and a lot of stress. An incredibly useful guide from a true bicycle touring expert.

Andreas – LondonCyclist.co.uk

Discover The Touring Bicycle Of Your Dreams

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles is broken up into two main parts. The first part of the book is text, which is a compilation of…

How-To Information: information on touring bicycles and advice on how to select your ideal bicycle touring vehicle. The information in the book teaches you about:

  • The features, components and characteristics that are unique to touring bicycles.
  • The five different types of touring bikes.
  • Words and definitions that are important to know when purchasing a touring bicycle.
  • What you need to know about the different types of metals used in touring bicycle frames.
  • The different types of touring bicycle brakes, handlebars, shifters, and gears.
  • How to find the right size bicycle for your body type.
  • Scams you should look out for when purchasing a new touring bicycle.
  • And a tip that could save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing your new touring bike.

The second part of The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles is a detailed listing of:

Featured Touring Bicycles: an impressive collection of more than 100 different types of touring bicycles, each of which is shown with:

  • A current photo
  • A product description
  • Their intended use (such as whether they are best used for Commuting, Sport Touring, Light Touring, Road Touring or Off-Road Touring)
  • A link to their official website (where you can get more information about that specific bike)
  • A link to the bicycle’s official BicycleTouringPro.com review (if applicable)
  • Its price
  • And a whole lot more!

Here’s A Sneak Peak At Some Of The Pages Inside The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles:

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles – What’s Inside?

Written and compiled by Darren Alff (the creator of BicycleTouringPro.com and an experienced bicycle traveler himself), The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles is the world’s best book about touring bicycles… and it comes with an accompanying database of more than 100+ touring bicycles specifically designed to help you find the ideal touring bike for your specific needs.

Here’s why you need to get this resource for yourself:

  • Because it’s meaty – the book is packed with all the information you need to select the touring bicycle of your dreams. The important information is included and the fluff is left out.
  • Because it’s actionable – the book has been designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of finding your ideal touring bicycle.
  • Because it’s the most extensive resource on touring bicycles ever produced – the touring bicycle directory that comes with The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles contains more than 100 different types of touring bicycles, each of which has been designed with a specific type of bicycle touring in mind.
  • Because it’s written for beginners – if you’re looking for your first touring bicycle and don’t know where to start your search for the perfect bike, this book and the accompanying online touring bike database is jam packed with information you will love.
  • Because it will save you time and money – you could spend weeks looking online for this information and you’d only find a small fraction of the info featured in this book/database. For the small price of just $12.95, it’s worth it to ensure you get the right bicycle and don’t waste thousands of dollars by purchasing the wrong bicycle for your specific needs.
  • Because it’s beautifulThe Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles is elegantly designed, easy to read and available for immediate delivery.
  • Because it comes with some awesome free gifts – more on this in just a minute!
  • And because it’s guaranteed – when you purchase your copy of The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles, you get it with a 60-Day No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

Let Me Tell You About The Free Bonuses That Are Included With The Book

When you order The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles, I am also going to give you another eBook absolutely free.

This bonus eBook is called “A Buyer’s Guide To Bicycle Touring Panniers & Trailers” and just like the content inside The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles, this eBook is designed to take you by the hand and help you find the best bicycle panniers/trailer for your future bicycle tours. This bonus book is 56-pages long and comes with specific recommendations on which panniers/trailer you should use for your bicycle travels.

Plus, all of this comes with a money-back guarantee.

That’s Right! A No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

The reason I created these products in the first place is because I know that the information is needed. As the owner of BicycleTouringPro.com, I get thousands of emails every month from people all around the world who are looking to purchase their first touring bicycle and they don’t know where to start. So, I’ve spent months putting all of this together… and I’ve worked hard to help as many people as I can with this information.

If, for some strange reason however, you’re not satisfied with the content inside The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked.

That’s how confident I am that this resource will help you find the touring bicycle of your dreams.

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What are you waiting for? Learn what to look for in a quality touring bicycle, discover which touring bicycles are available in your area, and start the process of finding your ideal touring bike right now with The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles.