Extra Parts & Accessories For Your Touring Bicycle

Extra Parts and Accories for a Touring Bicycle

Speaking of things you might need to add to your bicycle once you purchase it, now would be a good time to talk about some of the extra parts, items and accessories you may need to purchase for your touring bicycle before you are ready to hit the road on your first big bicycle tour.

My Product Recommendations:

I have had quite a bit of luck with these inexpensive front and rear fenders from Planet Bike. Just make sure you get fenders that match the size of your wheels/tires.

These are the lights I have been using on my bike tours for the past several years. They are reliable, long-lasting and can be easily recharged with USB.

There are a number of basic bike computers on the marketplace, but this is the bike computer I am currently using. The battery lasts a long time and comes complete with all the basic features you need for a long-distance bike tour.

These are the front and rear kickstands featured in this video. If you purchase the front kickstand, please understand that this kickstand is only designed to be used in conjunction with the Tubus Tara, Ergo, Nova, and Duo front racks.

This is one of my favorite bicycle touring hand pumps because it’s small, lightweight and reliable. Highly recommended!

For a complete list of bicycle touring essentials (including a breakdown of the clothing, camping equipment, electronics, and other items) please see the packing lists on my website, or check out my book, “The Bicycle Touring Blueprint,” which included a number of detailed packing lists for different types of bicycle touring scenarios.

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