Travels In Lima, Peru – A Video Dairy

For most people visiting Peru, Lima is simply a city to arrive at and leave the country from. The place is loud, crowded and hectic and most Peruvian travels choose to get out of Lima as quickly as they possibly can. But Peru’s capital city holds some definite charm. It just takes a little time to adjust your eyes and see it.

During a recent 5-month trip through Peru, I spent more than two weeks in Peru’s capital city and, while the city certainly took some getting used to, I was kind of sad to leave once that time came.

The video above was edited together from a bunch of different video clips that I took during my time in Lima. I think the video does a good job of capturing both the traffic, noise and chaos of the city, while at the same time showing off some of its finer features.

Watch the video and let me know what you think! If you’ve been to Lima before, is this how you remember it? And if you haven’t been to Lima, does this video make you want to go there? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “Travels In Lima, Peru – A Video Dairy

  1. JohnnyK says:

    This video could make a good commercial to get people to goto Peru for vacations. Maybe you should sell it to a travel agency. Anyway yes I would think it would be pretty cool to go on a bicycle tour through Peru and would very much enjoy visiting such a place.

  2. A Hackman Armijos says:

    I lived in Lima for a year and a half and this made me homesick! For sure I will watch this again and again!

  3. Martin N. says:

    Hey dude next time you come to Lima let me know i know great places to do crosscountry and downhill biking and i can show you arround.

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