Two Nights In Byala, Bulgaria

Cycling from Istanbul, Turkey to Varna, Bulgaria didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would. I scheduled ten full days to complete the ride, but I probably could have done it in 6-7 days if I had wanted to.

The good thing about scheduling in those extra days, however, was that I got to spend a few days just resting, hanging out, and exploring the areas I was passing through. That was certainly the case on the day I spent with Martin and his family in Banevo, Bulgaria and it was the case yet again when I arrived in the city of Byala.

I rented a hotel room for two nights in the city of Byala for the super low price of just 20 Bulgarian lev per night (about $12.80 USD) and spent a full day roaming around the city, doing work on my computer and generally just relaxing. Byala was a strange little place. It felt like a ghost town compared to some of the other beach towns I had cycled through in Bulgaria, but my hotel was great and I generally liked it there. Above are some of the photos from my stay in the city.

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