Axiom Typhoon Double DLX: Waterproof Bicycle Panniers

If I didn’t know better, I might just think that the Typhoon Double DLX bicycle panniers from Axiom were designed just for me.

These waterproof panniers are made out of double-sided, 100% waterproof nylon, mount to just about any bike rack on the market, comes with a padded laptop bag, one outside waterproof pocket, and even extra hardware.

I took the Typhoon Double DLX panniers with me on a recent trip the state of Missouri while cycling my way across the state on the Katy Trail. During that trip, the panniers performed well above parr – even on the little red folding bicycle that I was riding at the time.

At home, I’ve used the panniers as well (on both long day trips and short commutes near my home). Again, the Axiom Typhoon Double DRX panniers have done nothing but impress.

The Best Thing About These Panniers

There are a number of things I like about these panniers. The most obvious, however, is the color of the panniers themselves. I am so sick of seeing panniers that come in black, blue, red and yellow. While not far from the traditional black, the gray coloring on these Axiom panniers is superb. While someĀ  people might want the attention generated by brightly colored panniers, there are others that want their panniers to blend in and look good in a city environment. For these people, the color on the Typhoon Double DLX panniers will certainly serve them well.

I also love the fact that the bags are waterproof. As bicycle riding, commuting, and bike touring becomes more and more popular, there are going to me an increased number of people who will look to panniers as a way of carrying their gear. For these people, I believe that having a waterproof pannier is going to be incredibly important. So the fact that these bags are waterproof (and even contain a small, external waterproof zipper) is awesome!

When it comes to waterproof panniers, most of the time you can expect to spend an arm and a leg. But not here! These panniers, while certainly not as high-quality as other panniers on the market (more on this in a minute), are incredibly affordable – just $200 Canadian Dollars ($195 USD). It should be noted that this price is for two panniers and the included laptop case, which is going to be a huge bonus for the modern bicycle traveler who wants to travel with his computer, whether that be from his home to his office, or from his home to some exotic place half-way around the world.

The Worst Thing About These Panniers

While I generally love these panniers, there are a few things on the negative side worth mentioning.

First of all, the attachment system that is used to attach the panniers to the racks on your bicycle is functional, but basic. The pannier attaches with a small bungee hook at the bottom and two large hooks at the top. There is no locking mechanism to lock the panniers into place on your rack, nor are there any options for moving the pannier forward or back on the rack, which means that there could be some problems with the panniers hitting your feet as you ride (depending on the size of your foot, the geometry of your bicycle, and the type of rear rack you are using).

The other thing I worry about with these panniers is their long-term durability. For someone who is using these panniers to commute to work, this is less of a concern. But for someone who plans to use this set of panniers to travel by bike for several weeks or months on end, I’m not so sure how these panniers would hold up. The material seems a bit on the thin side and I’m not sure it would take that much stress to rip or tear these panniers to the point that they are rendered no-longer waterproof. That said, I’ve been using the panniers for several months now and they’re still holding strong. And yet I still can’t get the feeling out of my head that I need to be a little careful with these panniers because they might get a hole in them.

Would I Recommend These Bicycle Panniers?

The short story… ABSOLUTELY!

I have been really impressed with these light-weight, low-priced, and stylish bicycle panniers from Axiom.

If you are planning to ride your bike to and from work each day, this is a great set of panniers… and the included laptop case is just another cool perk.

And if you are a person planning to ride your bike on a short or long-distance bike tour and you need a set of waterproof panniers in which to carry your gear, the Typhoon Double DLX panniers from Axiom are a great set of starter panniers at an incredible price.

My Rating: 8 Out Of 10

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3 thoughts on “Axiom Typhoon Double DLX: Waterproof Bicycle Panniers

  1. wade says:

    Thanks for the useful review. For those with similar tastes to yours (like me), it’s worth checking out the Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus, available in gray/black very similar to these Axioms. Though the BPPs do not come with a laptop case, they do not suffer from the potential quality and attachment shortcomings you note about the Axioms. Price is about the same.

    • Bicycle Touring Pro says:

      I agree with you Wade. The Ortlieb products are awesome. Their attachment system is superb. And the quality is top of the line. I’ve used the Axioms on a number of long bicycle tours, but I have never done an official review of them here on I definitely need to do that however. Thanks for your comments… and the reminder!

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