A Week Of Magical Adventures In Romania With Van-Life Travelers, Mike & Sophie

I first met Mike Hedge and Sophie Wilkie less than a year ago… in California. We went hiking together, spent an evening playing trampoline dodgeball, and then spent another night playing board games with my friends Travis and Kelli. Several months passed, we went our separate ways, and then I learned that Mike and Sophie had bought a van, worked for several months to convert it into a camper, and were spending the year driving around Europe together.

Watch the video below for a quick video tour of Mike and Sophie’s converted camper-van:

After I finished my recent bike tour from Poland to Romania, I learned that Mike and Sophie were in Greece, and that they were heading north toward Romania. So I invited them to come and visit me in the beautiful city of Brasov. We not only met up in Romania, but we spent more than a week together – hiking in the mountains, going out to dinner, cooking homemade meals, exploring local tourist attractions, visiting the zoo, playing SCRABBLE each night, and a whole lot more.

I shot some video with Mike and Sophie while they were here visiting with me in Brasov, Romania… and I chronicled their stay on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube Channel.

VIDEO #1 – “Live Your Legend” Friends & A Critical Mass Bike Ride

In this video, you’ll see Mike and Sophie and I eat brunch with Scott and Chelsea from www.liveyourlegend.net; go on a hike up to the Brasov, Romania sign; participate in a local critical mass bike ride; eat dinner at a local Romanian restaurant; and play a game of Scrabble.

VIDEO #2 – Hiking In Brasov, Romania

In this video you’ll see us go on a long hike from the local ski resort (Poiana Brasov) through the forest and back to the city center of Brasov, Romania.

VIDEO #3 – Dracula’s Castle & Camping In Transylvania

Then we spent two days on the road, traveling in the van to Bran Castle so we could explore Dracula’s famous home. Then we stock up on food and hike off into the forest for a night of camping in the Transylvania wilderness. We even visit an underground cave!

Video #4 – High-Flying Fun At The Brasov Adventure Park

Then we went to the Parc Adventura (Adventure Park) in Brasov, Romania… and I think you’ll agree after watching this video… that this place is AMAZING (and so much fun)!

Video #5 – Animals Bite Back at the Brasov, Romania Zoo

Finally, we spent our last day together at the Brasov Zoo, where we saw bears, deer, beavers, wolves, fox, monkeys, tigers, peacocks, owls, snakes and a whole lot more! Which animal is your favorite?

It was so much fun having Mike and Sophie here in Brasov, Romania that we’re already talking about meeting up again at some other place in the world (maybe in Central America in 2016?) for some more fun adventures together.

To learn more about Mike and Sophie, their artwork (Mike is a filmmaker and Sophie is a musician) and their camper-van adventures, be sure to visit their website at www.relaxedpace.com.

Mike & Sophie’s Magical Adventures – Additional Photos

Here are some additional photos from Mike and Sophie’s stay in Brasov, Romania:








Mike Hedge and Sophie Wilkie at the Zoo in Brasov, Romania






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