What Is The Most Amount Of Weight You Have Ever Lost On A Bike Trip?

Many who travel by bike do so in order to lose weight and get in shape. I’ve been asked hundreds of time how much weight loss one should expect when traveling by bike, but I’d like to hear from you:

I’d love to get your comments on this topic. Leave a comment below and tell me know how long your bike trip was, where you went and how much weight you lost or gained in the process.

Also, what do you think about bike tours as a means of losing weight? Is it a good way to lose weight? Or is it not something you would suggest? Weigh in below…

PS – The most weight I’ve ever lost on a single bike trip was about 20 pounds on a 30-day bike tour. I dropped from 155 pounds to 135.

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  1. Mark says:

    The most I have ever lost on a bike trip is five pounds, but with two young kids I typically don’t take longer than one-night trips. The five pounds was on a three-day trip.

    On a side note, I lost twelve pounds on a two-week trip to Rome. We walked 4-5 hours a day, which is much different than my car-dependent lifestyle. Eating fresh, whole foods the entire time had a lot to do with it, too, I’m sure.

  2. Chris & Liz says:

    We have been on the road for 10 months now and have both lost between 25-30 lbs, not sure when we stop cycling another year at least i hope. We worked hard before we left hense being overweight when starting. Will be interesting to see how things change now we are moving into the rainy season and soon the winter. We have found eatting mainly rice and cycling in 35 degrees has resulted in the most dramatic weight loss.

    I think cycle touring is a great way to loose weight but it depends on your style of touring as to how effective it will be. Its easy for me as I love cycling and when touring I can eat lots, especially in Asia, ymmy food and maintan a healty weight.

  3. Huygens says:

    I don’t know if I gain or lose 1 lbs, but I can tell you in kg at least. So I actually gained a bit less than 1 kg on a 3 month trip in Patagonia! Hey you have to feed yourself if you want to move on! 😉
    And then I guess that I gained more muscle (in weigh) than I lost fat.
    N.B.: before doing this trip, I was quite fit and thin, I would probably have lost 1 or 2 kg if I had a normal working life before doing this trip…

  4. Ted Schredd says:

    It is not so much about the pounds I lost – it was the pounds I was able to eat. Unlimited..it is the greatest diet in the world – eat whatever you want – and then some and you still lose weight!.

  5. Bill Heinrich says:

    Good news, bad news. Good news side, I actually lost 21 lbs according to Weight Watchers but did not weigh in until about 10 days after the bike ride. I did the southern tier route with 8 others between March 14th when we left St Augustine Fla. and when we reached our destination San Diego Ca .on May 5th. Bad news I found all the weight I lost and a few of it’s friends. Looks like I need another ride. All together not to bad for a 65 year old diabetic / heart patient riding a Tour Easy Recumbent. P.S. No flat tires the whole trip!!
    Keep ridin

  6. Colin G says:

    There may be fitness experts among you with all the answers on weight loss methods, but this is a perfectly legit way of controling weight for someone who is not of the triathalon set! Use biking as another weapon in the “Battle of the Bulge”. Enjoy!

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