Bike Tour Advice: What To Do With Your Bike Box / Case Once You Reach Your Starting Location / Airport

What To Do With Your Bike Box/Case At The Start/Finish Of A Bicycle Tour

Many bicycle tours start with a flight to a foreign state or country. In these instances, flying with your bicycle is a common approach (as is renting a bicycle at the starting location of your tour).

If you choose to fly with your bicycle, however, you might be wondering to yourself, "What exactly do I do with my cardboard bike box or the professional bicycle case I used to transport my bicycle on the airplane once I arrive at my starting location?"

You see, when you fly with a bicycle on an airplane, there comes a point when you need to unpack your bicycle from the box/case and prepare the bike for actually riding. This is the moment when your bicycle's case suddenly becomes an anchor. No one wants to carry a big bike box or suitcase around with them on the back of their bicycle while they are touring. So what exactly are you supposed to do with the case once you arrive at the start of your tour?

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