8 Winter Cycling Shoes For Seriously Cold Weather

best winter cycling shoes

For serious cyclists in seriously cold conditions, there comes a point when it’s well worth the money to keep your feet warm and dry. Winter cycling shoes are designed for exactly that – without the added hassle of those flimsy neoprene covers or ten pairs of socks. Each one of these shoes is engineered with the best design and materials to keep the cold out. They have added touches that ward off moisture and features for comfort and safety. Plan on sizing up in winter shoes so that you have plenty of room for your favorite pair of winter socks. You can’t put a price on happy feet that will keep you on your bike the whole year round.

winter cycling shoes by lake

Lake MX 145 Winter Cycling Shoes

This shoe, by the trusted company Lake, is one of many in their line of winter cycling shoes. This particular style is a road shoe made of a combination of waxed canvas and real leather with a waterproof covering inside that is sure to keep your feet dry in cold, wet conditions. The shoe uses a boa -dial system instead of laces to secure your foot inside and leave the cold, wet weather outside. Your foot will stay warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

lake mxz 303 winter cycling boots

Lake MXZ 303 Winter Cycling Boots

If you need a shoe for temperatures well below twenty degrees Fahrenheit, your perfect match is the Lake MXZ 303. It isn’t the sleekest of things but this shoe doesn’t mess around. Built with a design more like a hiking boot than a cycling shoe, this beauty locks in body heat from the inside out. It is made up of many different materials- including real leather- each one strategically placed for maximum warmth and protection from wind, snow and moisture. Its sole has a strong tread and sturdy foot plate. For added protection the shoe secures with a boa dial and the whole thing is topped off with a neoprene cuff that keeps moisture out.

northwave fahenheit shoes

Northwave Fahrenheit Winter Cycling Shoes

For a road bike shoe that keeps feet warm in temperatures down around freezing the Northwave Fahrenheit is a sleek, reliable option. The GTX stands for Gore-tex, a waterproof lining that protects from wind and moisture. The shoe is designed with a speed lace system with additional hook-and-loop closure that adds even more protection from the elements.

northwave artic black winter cycling shoes

Northwave Celcius Artic GTX Winter Cycling Shoes

These mountain biking shoes from Northwave have a loyal group of followers for good reason. The Northwave Artic cycling shoe is designed with gore-tex to keep cold and moisture out; and this one provides protection from temperatures well into the negatives. The sole is reinforced for weather protection, traction and comfort and the lacing system is designed with added Velcro to keep you secure, warm and dry.

mavic frost shoe

Mavic Frost Winter Cycling Shoes

These beauties will keep you warm in temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. They fit like your well loved cycling shoe, or perhaps better given the ergonomic insole for arch and heel support. The synthetic materials of the Mavic Frost winter cycling shoes allow your feet to breathe while shielding them from the cold. The neoprene wrap around the ankle is flexible enough for comfort but strong enough shield out water.

sidi diablo winter shoes

SIDI Diablo GTX Winter Cycling Shoes

This mountain biking shoe from SIDI is incredibly light weight, protective and durable. Its insulated upper and gore-tex coating will keep you warm in temperatures well below freezing. The shoe fits easily, comfortably and securely with the help of four Velcro straps. The sole provides great traction when you are off the bike and there is an option to add toe spikes for the most extreme days of weather.

XLC winter cycling mountain bike shoes

XLC Winter MTB Shoes

These fleece-lined mountain bike shoes will toast your feet on the inside and keep elements on the outside thanks to a combination of synthetic fabrics and a waterproof coating. The sole of these XLC winter cycling shoes provides lots of grip when off the bike. Additional bonuses are the high, weather-protective ankle wraps, reflective straps, heel support, and weather-proof zipper enclosures.

Shimano SH-MW81 Winter Cycling Shoes

Shimano SH-MW81 Winter Cycling Shoes

This black beauty is one of many shoes from trusted brand, Shimano. These winter mountain bike shoes are a comfortable, lightweight option for temperatures at or around freezing. The insole is lined with fleece for insulation and comfort. There is plenty of extra room in the toe box for your favorite winter socks. Hook and loop straps make lacing up simple, secure and comfy. The extra ankle strap provides support and seals out moisture. The sole of the shoe is super reinforced to keep each peddle stroke powerful but flexible enough to keep you comfortable. Reflective straps are added for safety.


This article features winter cycling shoes in both road shoe and mountain biking styles. The waterproof warmth factors are similar in each, but the designs are specific for the shoes use, especially the different clip-less cleat systems.

Mountain bike cleats often use a two-hole system where the cleat is recessed into the bottom of the shoe. Plus, the bottoms of the shoe provide more traction, making this great for mountain biking, of course, but also for types of commuting and touring where you will be on and off the bike, walking for periods at a time.

On the other hand, road cycling shoes have a stiffer sole for more power, getting you from point A to point B in a flash. The cleats often use a three-hole whole system that sticks out from the bottom, making them difficult for walking. These shoes are ideal for commuting or to bring out your inner racer.

11 thoughts on “8 Winter Cycling Shoes For Seriously Cold Weather

  1. Bob Sheidler says:

    I am amused at the statements that several of these are good down to 20F. At that temperature, I am perfectly fine with the shoes and socks I use in
    mid-sized. I’m looking for shoes suitable for temps of 0 F or even lower.

    • AW Dorris says:

      There are quite a few bike companies based in Minnesota that specialize in cold-weather biking. I’m not familiar with their bike shoe options, but I know 45 North is one company that strictly makes winter bike gear — for intense MN winters — so they probably make shoes too. Another option would be to search Google Maps for any of the bike co-ops in Minneapolis, and then call them for advice. All the coops here are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. There’s a large, active community of folks here who bike all winter. (This will be my first winter biking the whole season, so I’m currently exploring these same topics.)

    • Adam says:

      I am with you Bob. I’d check out Lake MXZ400 or 45NTH and their Wolvhammer. I haven’t tried either of them but did a winter in MN commuting daily with just my regular shoes and heavy socks and a shoe cover. True winter cycling boots would be a great upgrade though!

    • Jackie says:

      I completely agree and am annoyed when companies say they produce “winter” products for temperatures between 32-57 F, which always boggles my mind. I’m looking ideal gear in that 0-20 F range too.

    • WinterCommuter says:

      As others have stated, 45nrth makes several models (wolfgar, walfhammer, etc). I’ve used wolfhammer commuting in st paul for 5 winters. I’ve also used a pair of wolfgar for a single winter. The wolfgar is obvious built for serious cold (like -20f), but usually seem like over kill for my 15 (one way) mile commute. Note, both models are serious winter boots—not shoes.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I have the Lake MXZ, and I have worn them on rides down to -18F. When it was that cold I had to pair them with a thick pair of moutaineering socks, but normally I just wear my snowboard socks. They are fully waterproof, even submersible in a few inches of water. However, only can be used for mountain bike pedals.

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