African Bikers Mountain Bike Tour – Day 14


I was sad when I woke up on day 14. I didn’t want this African Bikers tour to end. It had been incredible, I loved the people I was traveling with (I now felt like they were my friends), and I wasn’t ready for the experience to be over.

We gathered in the morning at the guest house’s indoor/outdoor restaurant and stuffed ourselves with one final meal before gathering up our belongings and loading them into the van for the very last time.


Before leaving the property, we gathered near the exit for one final group photo.



Then we drove for an hour or two to the airport in Port Elizabeth.

After exiting the vehicle, everyone (except for me and Kim) grabbed their belongings, said goodbye, and quickly walked into the airport’s main departure gate. Michi, Sandra, Erwin, Julia, Harry and Kirsten would all be flying to Johannesburg, South Africa before each boarding their own separate flights and returning to their homes in Western Europe. Steve would be flying to Johannesburg as well. While his time with us was over, his two-week-long adventure with another tour group was just getting ready to begin.


After our goodbyes, Kim and I jumped in the van and together we drove for several hours back to Mossel Bay, where we would stay for just one night before driving the final stretch back to Cape Town.




When Kim and I parked the van in Cape Town we wondered to one another where the others in our group were now. Steve had  begun his bicycle tour with another group of cyclists and the others in the group had surely made it to their individual homes.

Somewhat sad that my African Bikers tour was now over (but so incredibly thankful that I had been able to participate in this incredible adventure), I was excited to begin a new adventure in Cape Town and beyond!

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  1. Rosemarie Nadelen says:

    Thank you, Darren for sharing your tour. It has been inspirational to accompany you via your descriptions and beautiful photography.

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