Picking Up My Bicycle In Cape Town, South Africa With Anthony And Marsha


I recently wrote a long article about how I mailed my bicycle from Poznan, Poland to Cape Town, South Africa and explained why I mailed the bike, how the process worked, and what happened when the bike was finally “delivered” when it reached it’s final destination. Here are some additional photos from that day.

Anthony, the driver from the African Bikers mountain bike tour, was kind enough to offer to drive me to the Capemail customs office in Epping, South Africa and he went into the office with me while his girlfriend, Tanya, waited in the car.


After picking up my bike, we drove to a nearby casino where I first had to remove the knife from my backpack and take it back to the car. Then security told me I could not wear my baseball hat (they wanted to be able to see my face on the security cameras), and then when I asked Anthony to take a picture of me playing slots with South African Rand, a woman in security ran over and told me I had to delete the photo from my camera. I hit the back button on the camera, pretending that the photo had been deleted, but it really had not. Thus, the photo below.


Anthony and Tanya and I ate lunch at a Steak/Mexican restaurant inside the casino (I had a quesadilla and was surprized when Tanya told me she had never heard of Albert Einstein or his famous formula: E = MC2). I paid for lunch, just to thank the young couple for driving me to the customs office and helping me out. Without them, it would have taken me a full day to find the office, put my bike back together and then ride it across Cape Town back to the hostel where I was staying.




Anthony then dropped me off at the Green Elephant hostel in Observatory and later that night I put my bicycle back together again. It felt great to finally have my bicycle back in my possession.


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  1. Paul Pierre says:

    Hi Darren

    Just a question about your bike case from Co-Motion. Once you get to you destination what do you do with the case? Also , if it gets left behind how do retrieve it for the next flight ?

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