African Bikers Mountain Bike Tour – Day 4


With two days of mountain biking now under my belt, I was feeling more comfortable with our routine – a routine that would remain pretty much the same throughout the entire tour.

We’d wake up early, eat breakfast at our guesthouse and then jump in the van and drive to some nearby mountain biking destination, where we would then unload the bikes and prepare for a good, long ride.

After 2-3 hours of cycling, we’d stop and eat lunch (most of the time at a restaurant, but sometimes carrying a packed lunch with us) and then conduct another mountain bike ride in the afternoon before calling it a day.

Now thoroughly worn out and deserving of a hot shower and a good meal, we’d drive to a new guesthouse, shower, rest and then eat dinner at a local restaurant (often times within walking distance of where we happened to be staying).

Then we’d go to bed early and wake up the following day and do it all over again.

Not every day on tour with African Bikers was like this (as you will soon discover by reading more of my daily tour accounts), but most days went something like that.

On this particular day we drove to a private pine forest and began our ride with yet another uphill climb (something that was quickly becoming a trend on this particular tour – each day seemed to begin with a steep uphill climb).

After the painful uphill was over, that’s when the fun began. We dashed through a narrow beach-like single-track region, cycled along the shores of what appeared to be a small man-made lake, and then raced through a forest of trees before making our way back to the van.







Because the drive to this location and our guesthouse in Gordon’s Bay took some time, this was our only bike ride of the day… but it was a good one!

At a beautiful guesthouse with massive rooms overlooking the water, we showered and then walked down to the harbor for dinner at a wonderful seaside restaurant.



We watched the sun set as dinner was served and then we walked back to our guest house on the beach before calling it a night.


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