African Bikers Mountain Bike Tour – Day 5


Our mountain bike ride on day five of our tour across South Africa with African Bikers was another good one. Once again cycling at a large wine estate, we spent hours cycling on single-track trails that crossed through acres and acres of farmland, trees, flatland, and small reservoirs.

One of the highlights of this particular ride were the numerous fence crossings that we encounter along the way. It was fun to stop and watch as each person tackled these various obstacles with their own unique style.







After our most pleasant ride of the entire tour thus far (there were no massive hills to climb), we stayed on the property and ate lunch while sitting poolside at an impressive outdoor/indoor restaurant. After lunch we were treated to a wine tasting and were given a brief history of the property (where we learned that the estate made its money from apples, grapes, the restaurant, mountain bikers and more).



Then we returned to our guesthouse in Gordon’s Bay (the same one we had been at the night before – the one with the large rooms and the impressive views looking out over the ocean) and ate dinner at another nearby restaurant before calling it a day.



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