Americans Bicycle Touring In France

As soon as I got off the Dover to Dunkirk ferry I felt my spirits lift. I found England to be both crowded and claustrophobic. There are just far too many people for my liking. That’s why my first few minutes in France felt so good!

I cycled straight off the boat, rolled down the main road for a few kilometers and then jumped inside the very first supermarket I could find. It was amazing just how “French” the supermarket seemed to be. It was almost as though the butcher and the ladies at the cashiers were dressed in costumes and ready to shoot a scene for a movie.

While cycling to my campground that night I stumbled across the two cyclists photographed above. I’ve forgotten their names by now, but I do remember that they were from North America and had been cycling around Europe, on and off, for several years. I rode with them for a short while before waving goodbye and cycling just a short distance further down the road to my first French campground.

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