Are The Roads In Ukraine Really That Bad?


People told me the roads in Ukraine were bad, but I didn’t exactly believe them.

After two weeks of bike touring in Ukraine, however, I discovered what they were talking about. There are indeed some bad roads in Ukraine.

But the truth is, most of the roads aren’t that bad. At least, they weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.

This road here is one of the worst I saw in Ukraine. But even here the bad section only lasted for a couple hundred meters before it dried out and became rideable once again.

To me, this isn’t a bad road. A bad road is something that looks like this but stretches across the entire country. That’s a bad road! But I never saw anything like that on my bike ride across Ukraine.

The worst part about bicycle touring across Ukraine was not the condition of the roads, but the conditions in the sky. During my time in Ukraine I saw the sky only two times. The rest of the time I was engulfed in a never-ended gray cloud of fog. And that’s what I’ll remember about Ukraine! I won’t remember the bad roads. I’ll remember the gray, cold fog.

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