Bicycle Camping In Hôny, Belgium For The Start Of The 2012 Tour De France

I spent six nights camping at the Camping Les Murets campsite in Hôny, Belgium. I arrived there a couple days before the Tour de France was scheduled to begin and used that time to do some computer work and simply get some rest. My first two nights in Hôny I practically had the entire campground to myself.

Once the crowds for the start of the Tour de France rolled in, however, the campsite quickly became a zoo – with hundreds of people, cars, tents and campers. While I had figured I might be the only person crazy enough to come and watch the Tour de France on a bicycle of his own, there were quite a few other people who had come to watch the Tour while participating in their own cycling adventures.

The Camping Les Murets campsite was very nice and I would recommend it if you are ever in the area. While the toilets stalls were a little cramped and you had to pay one Euro extra for a five minute hot shower, the place had a fast Internet connection (that extended all the way out to my tent), two friendly hosts, and the train that ran into downtown Liege was just a short walk from the campsite.

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