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Summary Of My 12th Long-Distance Bike Tour

The last 12 months have been amazing. I attended the Sundance Film Festival, saw some of my favorite musicians perform live (including A Fine Frenzy and Nellie McKay), rode a motorcycle across the Western United States and conducted a 10-month-long bicycle tour across 20 European countries. In this article I aim to summarize my thoughts […]

One Year Of Bicycle Touring In Europe – 2012 Video Review

2012 was a truly incredible year! Here’s just a small taste of what I did: Spent 4 months skiing at North America’s #1 ski resort – Deer Valley. Watched 12 amazing movies at the Sundance Film Festival. Saw more than a dozen famous musicians perform, including A Fine Frenzy, Lisa Hannigan, Nellie McKay, Flying Lotus, […]

How To Travel In Europe For Less Than 700 Euros

Welcome to my June 2012 monthly travel spending report. As I travel around the world with my bicycle I like to keep track of the money I spend and share my total travel costs here on the website – what I spent my money on, how much it cost, which items cost the most, which […]

I Love Bicycle Touring In Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful place for bicycle touring. My time in the country was a million times better than I thought it would be. Western Belgium was flat and eastern Belgium was hilly. There were tons of amazing bike paths in the west and far fewer bike paths in the east. I want to come […]

Belgian Castle For Sale

I cycled past this small castle while making my way to the race course on day two of the 2012 Tour de France. It looked as though somone were doing a lot of work to the place – either to sell it and make a profit or to live in it themselves. Dream!

Day 3 At The 2012 Tour De France

On the third day of the 2012 Tour de France I cycled about 35 kilometers from the campground in Hony, Belgium to a random point on the racetrack somewhere north of Engis (I’m not exactly sure where it was to be honest). I got there just as the sponsor vehicles were passing through, shot a […]

Day Two At The 2012 Tour De France

On the second day of the 2012 Tour de France I jumped in the back of Pim’s work van and hitched a ride just a short distance down the road to the Coccinelle, a small restaurant situated along the Tour de France race course. Pim and Joost and I ate some delicious ice cream and […]

Photos From The Day One Time Trials At The 2012 Tour De France In Liege, Belgium

On the first day of the 2012 Tour de France I took the train from Hony to Liege, Belium with three guys I met at the campground: Tim, Pim and Joost. While the guys hunkered down on one street corner somewhere near the middle of the race track in downtown Liege, I wandered about the […]

Bicycle Camping In Hôny, Belgium For The Start Of The 2012 Tour De France

I spent six nights camping at the Camping Les Murets campsite in Hôny, Belgium. I arrived there a couple days before the Tour de France was scheduled to begin and used that time to do some computer work and simply get some rest. My first two nights in Hôny I practically had the entire campground […]

Eastern Belgium Is Beautiful

I just spent the last three days cycling from Ludorf, Germany to Liege, Belgium. I liked the scenery in western Germany, but I love it here in Eastern Belgium. The landscapes are spectacular, the cities are romantic and charming, and the cycling is superb! In fact, Eastern Belgium might just be one of my favorite […]

Stealth Camping In Eastern Belgium

Don’t tell anyone, but I camped in the woods last night near Hevremont, Belgium. I ate a dinner in the hunter’s climb you see above (first photo) and then enjoyed a spectacular sunset just before going off the bed.

My First Flat Tire In Belgium

Not long after cycling into Eastern Belgium from Western Germany, I got my first flat tire of the trip. I had my headphones in and my music blaring, yet through all that noise I was still able to recognize the sudden hiss of escaping air that comes with a massive puncture. I had run over […]