Bicycle Camping In Geneva, Switzerland

I took a train from Metz, France to Basel, Switzerland and then changed trains and over an hour later found myself in Geneva, Switzerland.

I needed a place to sleep for the next two nights, so I followed a group of French women I had met on the train to a campground that was situated about 10 kilometers outside downtown Geneva. The name of the campground: Pointe à la Bise

The location of the campground was great. The staff at the campground was not. Not only was the campsite more than two times the price of any other campground I had stayed at in Europe, the staff at the campground repeatedly asked me if I had paid for my campsite. They never asked me how I was doing or if I was enjoying myself. They were only concerned with the money they were going to make off me. While every other European campground I had stayed in over the past several months had been very casual and laid back, this Swiss campground was run like a military zone. I did not feel welcome there and I will never go back!

I did, however, meet some nice people at the campground. The French women I met on the train were also touring by bicycle. In fact, they were part of a large group of friends who were going to cycle for about 10 days across Switzerland. Geneva was their starting location.

I also met Tim and Scott at Pointe à la Bise. Scott happened to recognize me from some of my Bicycle Touring Pro Facebook photos and was surprised to see me sitting across from him in the campsite’s television room where I was working on my computer.

“Is your name Darren?” Scott said to me from across the room.

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