The 3rd Annual “Bikes & Burritos” Overnight Bicycle Tour

3rd annual Bikes and Burritos overnight bike tour

On the weekend of February 29th, 2020, more than a dozen people from all across the state of Camarillo gathered together in the city of Camarillo for the 3rd annual “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tour.

As a group, we cycled from the city of Camarillo, down the bike path, through the strawberry fields, past the University and onto the Pacific Coast Highway.

We made a short stop at Mugu Rock before taking in the sights of the beautiful Pacific Ocean before continuing down the coastline toward Sycamore Canyon Campground, which is where we would end up spending the night.

After setting up our tents, we took a short walk down to the beach… just in time to see a perfect California sunset. Then we walked back to the campsite just in time for our burrito dinner from Chipotle.

After eating, we sat around the campfire and shared stories about how we became interested in bicycle travel.

Then, after a good nights rest in our individual tents, we woke up to a continental breakfast, packed up our bicycles and made our way out of the campground.

Back on the Pacific Coast Highway, we cycled north this time, passing Mugu Rock as we had done the day before, and then making our way back through the strawberry fields and into the city of Camarillo.

Bikes and Burritos 2020 Group Photo at Mugu Rock

Join Us At The Next “Bikes & Burritos”

The 3rd annual “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bike tour was such a success, I plan to do another one soon… in the US state of Utah.

I don’t know when the next “Bikes & Burritos” tour will take place, because the coronavirus is currently preventing groups of people from gathering. But once we’ve put this all behind us, I’ll start making plans for the next “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bike tour.

As soon as I’ve decided on the dates for the next bike ride, I’ll post the tour dates and all the details on the Bicycle Touring Pro calendar page. Check this page often for updates on future bicycle touring events that you can join!

Group photo at the 2020 Bikes and Burritos tour

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  1. Rick Follett says:

    Hi Darren,

    I keep dreaming about cycling through the countryside (while it is still there). I’m hoping I can connect with you for the 3rd annual Bikes and Burrito’s tour.

    Rick (67 YO)

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