CycleAware Reflective Bike Gloves

cycleaware reflective bike gloves

If you’re searching for a pair of warm, bright and highly-reflective bike gloves, you might consider CycleAware Reflect+ Gloves. These gloves are perfect for individuals who spent a lot of time cycling at night and want to use the reflective material on their hands to not only be seen by passing motorists, but to signal to cars, trucks and other bicyclists nearby when they are stopping, slowing or making a turn.

These reflective bike gloves from CycleAware come in two different sizes (S/M and M/L). The gloves are neon yellow (similar in color to a tennis ball) and covered in circular patches of reflective material on both sides. When used at night, these gloves not only keep your hands warm, but work incredibly well to get the attention of those in your immediate area. The gloves light up, as you would expect, when a a light is shined on them, and are perfect for signaling to passing motorists what you intentions are on your bike.

My main criticism of these reflective bike gloves is that they don’t look or function as normal bike gloves do, but instead, look and feel more like the work gloves you might see your local gardener or handyman wearing. In other words, they aren’t very stylish… and they don’t feel so great.

While CycleAware Reflect+ bike gloves get high marks for their overall functionality, their style points are low. My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

cycleaware reflective gloves and vest

Pair the CycleAware Reflect+ bike gloves with the CycleAware Reflect+ Vest and you’ll stand out like a neon yellow light-bulb on your next night ride. You won’t necessarily look good, but you’ll definitely stand out!

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