Cycling To The Northern Tip Of The Peljesac Peninsula

Last week I rode my bike from the small town of Orebic to the northern tip of the Peljesac peninsula in Croatia.

The trip started out as a smooth and relatively flat ride along the coast, but a few miles down the road makes a sharp turn to the right and climbs from there a couple hundred meters. The climb is steep, but not very long. And the view from the top was entirely worth the struggle.

Once reaching the peak, I cycled through the Nakovana historical site, which is an incredibly beautiful high desert coastal land filled with roaming cows, rusty abandoned cars and quiet townspeople.

The trip came to an end in the small town of Loviste, where reaching the northernmost tip of the peninsula required riding down a narrow bumpy dirt road on the far end of town. Once there, the view of the nearby island of Hvar was quite amazing.

Once reaching the northern most point, there wasn’t much to do, but turn back around and came back in the direction I had just come, which by the way, was a complete pain in the ass. But all in all, it was certainly worth the trip… and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.


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  1. Van Mehlos says:

    Really enjoyed your pics of Orebic & Nakovana——-looking forward to getting there , too ! Just a suggestion—try a biking tour of some wineries ! Vin Grgic !!

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