Cycling Uphill To Poiana, Romania

I know I said I was leaving Brasov, but I honestly wasn’t ready to go just yet. I had checked out of my apartment in downtown Brasov, but I still had some work (computer work for BicycleTouringPro and a new secret project I am working on) I needed to get done before getting back on my bike, so after spending the day at the Parc Aventura, I cycled 20 kilometers uphill into the mountains above Brasov to the nearby resort town of Poiana, Romania.

Well, I didn’t actually make it all the way to Poiana in one day. I cycled up a small gravel back-road to reach Poiana and it got dark before I was able to make it all the way into the city. So I camped in my tent that night and it rained for about 12 hours straight.

When the rain finally stopped, I crawled out of my tent, packed up the bicycle and cycled just another few kilometers into Poiana where I booked a hotel room for two nights. The first day and night in Poiana was spent in a super thick fog. The last photo in this post was the view of the city from the window in my hotel room. You could hardly see a thing… and the next morning the city was covered in a thin layer of snow.

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