High Climbing At The Brasov, Romania Parc Aventura

After checking out of my apartment in Brasov, Romania, I immediately cycled over to the nearby Parc Aventura and spent a few hours climbing and crawling my way through some of the amazing rope and cable courses that they have there. I have never seen or ever heard about a place like this before, and I was afraid that it might be too childish for someone my age, but it was actually a lot of fun and a real challenge as well.

There was one point on the most difficult black course where I was walking across a long cable some 60 feet up in the air and realized just how frightened I was. My legs began to tremble and I thought, “If I fall right now, I don’t know how I would recover.” But I made it across the cable and conquered my fear. It was one of the most fun and challenging things I have done in a long time – and this is coming from someone who has just recently ridden a bicycle across Europe and learned how to fly a paraglider. Check out the website at www.parc-aventura.ro for more information. If you are ever in or near Brasov, Romania, this place is a must! Just prepare to be sore the next day. The more advanced courses are a real workout!

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