Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit

USB Bicycle Light on Handlebar Mount

If you cycle a lot at night, you need a good headlamp for your bicycle. Not only is a good front bike light necessary so passing vehicles can see you on the road, but you need a good light so you can see where you are going.

What most cyclists don’t realize is that the small, inexpensive bike lights you find at most local bike shops are only designed for the first of those two purposes. Most inexpensive bike lights are only meant to help you be seen by passing motorists. They are not designed to help you (the cyclist) see where you are going. This is something spoken about in great detail inside my book about Winter Cycling.

That’s why, if you want a bike light that is not only going to get you noticed on the road, but is going to make it so you can actually see where you are going, you need something a little larger and a whole lot more serious. You’re going to need something like the Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit, which was sent to me for the purpose of this review.

Battery Powered Bicycle LIght Kit and Headband

The Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit from www.gearbest.com has got to be one of the cheapest front bike lights I have ever seen (currently priced at only $19.89 USD). The kit comes complete with a double-headlamp light, a large velcro-mounted 4 x 18650 lithium battery pack, a headband attachment, a power charger, and two adjustable elastic headbands (which are used to secure the light to your handlebars or handlebar extension).

To use the Dark Knight as a bicycle headlamp, simply mount the light to your bicycle’s handlebars (or handlebar extension) and then secure the battery pack to your bicycle’s frame using the included Velcro strap. When turned on, there are four different lightning modes to choose from: High, middle, low and strobe. Depending on which mode you set it to, the light will last anywhere from 2 – 4.5 hours (based on my limited testing).

Please note that when I received my Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit, it came with a European power charger – not one designed for use with US outlets. This wasn’t really a problem for me, because I travel a lot and am used to using an adapter to plug in some of the electronics I’ve purchased in foreign countries. For some individuals, however, the European power charger that comes with this lighting kit may come as somewhat of a surprise (if not a headache as well).

Dark knight Bicycle Headlamp Battery Powered Bicycle Lights

I’ve tested the Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit at night and, yes, it is extremely bright! It lights up the road in front of my bicycle so I can see where I’m going – even in the darkest of environments. The attachment mount is fine when used on flat paved roads, but I worried about the light a little on bumpier terrain (worried that it might bounce off of my handlebars and get broken). The battery on this specific product is good, but not great, and the included headband makes it so the bike light can also double as a headlamp for home use or for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, map reading, sailing, caving, hunting, etc.

Overall, I’m surprised that such a low-cost bike light can produce such high-quality results. I’ve not used this bike light for months on end, so I don’t know how it will hold up over the long haul, but I’m going to continue using the Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit on my local night rides and I hope that it continues to function as it should.

To learn more about the Dark Knight Bicycle Headlamp & Handlebar Kit, or to pick up a light of your very own, head on over to the website at: www.gearbest.com

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