Did I Really Just Purchase A Pair Of Winter Boots?

After suffering from a near case of frostbite on my left foot’s big toe and soon after discovering that the hole in the bottom of my shoe had become ten times bigger, I knew there was no way I could cycle from my current location in Chisinau, Moldova to Ukraine and Poland without first buying a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, the selection of cycling shoes in Chisinau was extremely limited. So rather than purchasing a new pair of bike shoes, I bought a pair of winter boots and threw away my old Shimano SPDs.

I live in a ski town (Park City, Utah) in the United States, so I’m used to riding my bicycle in boots during the wintertime. But I’ve never cycled across an entire country in a pair of boots before. I knew that purchasing these boots in Moldova was both expensive (they cost $290 USD) and a major risk, but I was willing to give it a try. Follow up with me in a few months and I’ll let you know how the boots performed.

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