First Day In Istanbul

Today was my first full day in Istanbul, Turkey!

I flew into Turkey yesterday afternoon, bought my 90 day travel visa at the airport for $20 USD, made it through passport control, found my bicycle and other box containing all my personal belongings at the airport baggage claim, met my driver outside the international arrivals area, survived a long and crazy van ride across the city, and then checked into the apartment that will be my home for the next 30 days in downtown Istanbul. It was a long and somewhat nerve-wrecking day, but I made it and I think I’m going to like it here.

Today I slept in late, did a little computer work this morning, and then went out for a long, hot, and sweaty walk across the city. I walked from my apartment up to the Cevre Yolu bridge, meandered around the neighborhood north of the bridge, and then came back to my apartment in much the same way that I had left it. Before returning to my apartment, however, I made a short stop at a market to pick up some food for the next day or two. This is the general route I took while walking around Istanbul today.

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