Missouri Bike Tour: Day 1 – Flying Into The State

On the 11th of May, 2010 I flew from my home near Salt Lake City, Utah to Kansas City, Missouri, with plans to cycle the Katy Trail – a 250+ mile rail trail that stretches across nearly the entire length of the state of Missouri.

My old high school friend, Josh Miller, who now lives and works in Missouri, met me at the airport in Kansas City and together we drove back to his house in the small town own Marshall. Before we got there, however, we stopped for lunch at Chipotle and then drove into Josh’s home town, where I was given a brief tour of the city, the University that is located there, the skate park and more.

After arriving at Josh’s home, Josh began to show me all the gear he had ordered for our cycling adventure along the Katy Trail. One of the highlights during his product showcase was the toiletry kit (shown below), which consisted of a mirror, toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss and more!

After I moved my stuff into Josh’s spare bedroom, we drove to Walmart to pick up some food and supplies for our time on the road. Like many small cities in America, Marshall’s Walmart is practically the only place in town to get groceries, sporting supplies, and other such items.

I picked up some ice cream while at the Walmart Superstore… and enjoyed a big bowl full during my first night in the state.

Our plan was to start cycling the Katy Trail the following day, but as I sat in Josh’s living room, eating my giant bowl of ice cream, the rain began to fall and thunder rang in the not so distant sky.

Stay tuned for more stories, photos and video from my recent trip to Missouri. We hit the Katy Trail very, very soon!


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