Getting Free Hotel Rooms – A How To Guide

Did you know that you can use your bike trip to get free hotel rooms for your travels? And if you run a website or blog about your travels, you stand an even greater chance of getting free lodging.

It’s true! There are thousands of hotels around the world that actually want to give you a free place to stay… if you know how to approach them and say the right things.

And inside “The Ultimate Guide To Free Lodging” I will teach you exactly what you need to say in order to get thousands of dollars worth of free accommodations.

I released “The Ultimate Guide To Free Lodging” well over a year ago and in that time have used the information inside the book to help nearly 100 people receive free hotel rooms and other accommodations for their travels.

This past week, I added a bunch of new content to the book, redesigned the cover, and lowered the price to a super low price of just $27 bucks.

If you are interested in learning how to approach hotels, hostels, and campgrounds and receive free accommodations for your travels, please click here and learn more about “The Ultimate Guide To Free Lodging.”

I’ve priced the guide so low that if you even get one free place to stay while on your travels, the book will have more than paid for itself. And I guarantee that if you take the steps mentioned throughout the book, you will get free lodging of some sort.

Heck! If you don’t get a free place to stay using my secret free lodging techniques… I’ll give you your money back!

Click here to learn more about “The Ultimate Guide To Free Lodging” and pick up your copy now!

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0 thoughts on “Getting Free Hotel Rooms – A How To Guide

  1. Rob says:

    I just read this well though-out guide. While I haven’t had the chance to try out the tips yet, it’s a great mini-course in marketing yourself to hotels and other places that provide accommodations for the night. I can see how with a bit of planning, and an idea, you could stay the night for the cost of a postage stamp and a couple sheets of paper. Really good, key tips in the section on “emotional triggers.” Anyway, I enjoy the website, and got a kick out of reading how you pulled off staying in some of those hotels for basically no money, and even a complimentary breakfast tossed in. I just wanted to give my thumbs-up. Have a good trip to Peru.

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