Get Paid To Travel And Teach English

Did you know that people from all walks of life and countries all over the world take part in English language teaching programs and actually get paid to live in a foreign country, teach English to the locals, and experience a foreign land? It’s true!  Teaching English overseas is not only a great learning experience for the people you teach English to, but it’s a great experience for you as well.

One of my good college roommates went to Japan after graduating from college and spent a year there teaching English at a small school in the countryside. He had just a handful of students that he worked with, so he only worked about three or four hours every day. When his work was over, he’d ride his bicycle to a nearby beach and make friends with the locals. Then, at night, he’d return to his private three-bedroom home  – a home that was totally paid for by the school he was working at. And at the end of the month he took home thousands of dollars – money he was able to save up and use to go on a bunch of other world travels once his teaching job in Japan was finished.

Do you know what the best part is?

The best part is that my old college roommate is not a professional teacher, does not have a teaching degree, and didn’t speak a word of Japanese when he got the teaching job in Japan.

To me, that’s pretty darn incredible… and living a relaxed life like that for a whole year in a country like Japan seems like once incredible experience few people will ever get to have.

The problem with teaching English overseas, however, is that learning how to get these sorts of jobs can be difficult. You could probably spend a couple weeks searching around on the Internet and find the information you need, but who wants to spend two whole weeks doing that? Not me, that’s for sure!

That’s why I want to tell you about Nomadic Matt and his How To Teach English Overseas eBook.

Nomadic Matt is a guy I’ve spoken about before on For the past few years Matt has been traveling around the world and making a full-time living from his website and his various part-time jobs (such as teaching English in foreign countries).If you haven’t already checked out his website, I encourage you to do so now:

But what’s so great about Nomadic Matt is that because he has so much experience teaching English in foreign countries, he’s compiled all of the hard-to-find information about the subject into a short, easy to read guide that will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know about how to get a job as an English teacher in a foreign country like Argentina, Belgium, China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine, Dubai, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, or Guatemala.

If teaching English and getting paid to live in a foreign country sounds like something you might be interested in, head on over to Matt’s website right away and pick up a copy of his book, How To Teach English Overseas.

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0 thoughts on “Get Paid To Travel And Teach English

  1. harry says:

    i would like to bring up one important point.

    just b/c you are a native speaker, it doesnt mean you are capable of TEACHING english. you need to have minimal training in teaching english so that you dont bs while teaching english to those who believe that you are a professional teacher.

    if you actually care about the kids who are interested in learning english, please ask yourself if you are capable of taking the job.

  2. Teach English Abroad says:

    Aah…finally found a great resource in the end. I am Steve Brown an English Teacher living abroad from last 10 years or so. My students always ask me about this profession and I land up having not too many resources on this, so I thought of searching for them on my own and to my luck I have found a real resource which I can certainly share with them. Nice post indeed.


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