No Cycling Uphill In Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

In Sunny Beach, Bulgaria I saw a sign indicating that there were no bicycles allowed on the only road leading out of town. But if I wanted to get to Varna (and I did) I needed to just cycle past the sign and continue down the road… and that’s exactly what I did. I felt a little better about doing this because I was joined on the road by three unknown cyclists from the Sunny Beach area. I later learned that these three men were named Kane (in the blue shirt with the tattoos and the rubber chicken on his handlebars), Mitch (in the white shirt) and Roman (in the red shirt). After nearly an hour of climbing we reached the top of the hill and the men invited me to join them for lunch, to which I gladly accepted. Kane and Roman told me that they worked together at a bungee jump business in Sunny Beach… and Mitch worked nearby at an ice cream stand.

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