Dinner For One – A Bag Full Of Pizza

Dinner. When traveling alone, it’s my least favorite meal of the day. I hate going into a restaurant and sitting by myself; being surrounded by couples and groups of three, four, five or more; and then having to eat all alone with no one to talk to. I think it’s kind of embarrassing and also somewhat depressing. So instead of eating out, I often times ask if I can get the food to go. And that is exactly what I did during my first night in Byala, Bulgaria. I found a crowded street-side cafe and asked the waitress if I could get a large vegetarian pizza to go. “No problem,” she said. So I sad down at one of the tables and waited for over an hour before my pizza finally arrived. When it came out, it wasn’t in a box like you might expect, but cut in half and placed inside two separate, multi-colored plastic bags. The pizza tasted just fine, but the presentation made it obvious that pizza to go was not a usual request at this particular Bulgarian eatery.

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