Packing My Co-Motion Pangea For The Airplane

Adam Rybicki helped my break down my Co-Motion Pangea Co-Pilot for the very first time and pack it inside the custom fitted cardboard box you see above. I’ll be writing a complete review of the Pangea in the very near future, but for now, here are some of the photos I took during the break down and pack up process.

PS – The bicycle flew from Zurich, Switzerland to Istanbul, Turkey and arrived intact!

2 thoughts on “Packing My Co-Motion Pangea For The Airplane

  1. sangu says:

    hi i am very thankful to u for giving me an relaxing idea,but i have only the bicycle which cannot be splitted into two as yours i.e,its an full framed one…pls help me out ,how can i ship it from one country to another

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