Paragliding At Pioana, Romania In The Fall

Robert and I took the bus up to Pioana the day after my bike ride there with Mihai and together we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain and from there took two flights down to the bottom. The first flight was only about five minutes long because the wind was not in our favor, but the second flight lasted more than an hour as we were able to catch a number of thermals and spent a long time floating over the trees below. While I thoroughly enjoyed the unique view I was getting of both Pioana and Brasov in the valley below, I got a bit nauseous riding as Robert’s passenger and was glad to have landed when we did. Robert and I ate a pizza at a nearby restaurant afterward and then caught the bus back down the hill to Brasov, where I immediately went back to my apartment and fell asleep. I had had a great day, but I had woken up super early, gotten almost no sleep the night before and was totally exhausted!

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