Exploring The Walled City Of Sighisoara, Romania On My 29th Birthday

I spent my 29th birthday driving from Tragu Mures, to Brasov, Romania with my new friends Mihai and Claudia. On the way back to Brasov we stopped in Sighi?oara for a couple hours to explore the romantic walled city and eat at a Dracula themed restaurant.

After parking the car we walked up this long covered stairway that led up this hill above the city to a small school, church, fairy-tale house and a large hillside cemetery.

We then walked back down the hill and wandered around the city for a bit while in sprinkled rain on us.

Mihai made a point to show me the Pulometru that was being sold at one of the small booths in the city. Can you figure out what this wooden device is meant to measure? I’m not going to tell you!

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