Ride Your Bike Indoors with the Tacx Galaxia Indoor Bicycle Rollers

Indoor Bicycle Rollers

The Tacx Galaxia Indoor Bicycle Rollers allow your to ride your bicycle in the safety and comfort of your own home, while providing you with one of the most fun and realistic indoor cycling experiences imaginable. These truly are the best indoor bicycle rollers out there!

Why Should You Own A Set Of Indoor Bicycle Rollers?

Indoor bicycle rollers, like the Tacx Galaxia indoor rollers, allow you to ride your bicycle inside the safety and comfort of your own home while cycling in a stationary position.

Like other stationary bicycle trainers on the market, indoor rollers allow you to ride your bicycle when the weather outside is too rough or dangerous to cycle in. If you live in a part of the world where it rains or snows for several months of the year, a set of indoor rollers will allow you to ride your bike indoors on the days when you simply can’t get outside due to bad weather.

If you work during the day and don’t get home until it’s dark outside, owning a set of indoor bicycle rollers will allow you to go for a bike ride even when there is no sun in the sky. Or maybe you just don’t want to ride your bike when it’s dark outside and vehicles might have a hard time spotting you on the road? Indoor bicycle rollers like the Tacx Galaxia, allow you to get your regular bike ride in – even when it’s dark outside.

And if you live in a big city where traffic is a concern, owning a set of indoor bicycle rollers allows you to ride your bicycle inside the safety of your home or office, while shielding you from the dangers of cycling in the big city.

There are a multitude of reasons why you might choose to decide to purchase a set of indoor bicycle rollers.

How To Use Indoor Bicycle Rollers

While a set of indoor bicycle rollers will provide you with one of the most realistic indoor cycling experiences imaginable, using a set of indoor rollers isn’t easy. Unlike stationary bicycle trainers, which require you to mount your rear wheel semi-permanently to the trainer and keep your bicycle in a fairly stationary and upright position, indoor rollers to not require that you lock your bicycle to the rollers… and therefore do require that you use much more balance to stay upright on your bicycle as you cycle indoors.

In order to use a set of indoor rollers, I suggest you start by finding a narrow doorway in your home that has some kind of hard flooring, such as wood, laminate, vinyl or concrete. Using a set of indoor bicycle rollers on carpet is not going to be ideal.

Once you’ve found a narrow doorway in which you can position your indoor rollers, place your bicycle rollers down on the ground in the doorway and position the rollers so that once you are on the device and cycling, your shoulders line up perfectly with the sides of the doorway on each side.

Then, grab your bicycle (a road bike or any bicycle with smooth tires is going to work best) and gently place it on top of the rollers so that the rear wheel is positioned in between the rear two rollers and the front wheel is positioned almost directly on top of, but slightly behind, the front bicycle roller. The drop outs on the front fork of your bicycle should be about 1cm behind the middle of the front roller. This way, your front wheel is always pushing, ever so slightly, into the front roller, but not bouncing over the top of the front roller as you pedal.

Once you have the bicycle positioned on top of the rollers, hold the bicycle in place and then push the left pedal down toward the ground. Then, slowly straddle the bicycle, making sure to use the doorway to balance yourself as you place your legs on either side of the bicycle.

Now, put your left foot onto the left pedal and then lift your entire body up onto the bicycle, sitting on the saddle, and then placing your right foot on the right pedal. You should have one hand on your handlebars at this point and one hand on the doorway.

Now, making sure you are in the correct gear, start to slowly spin your pedals forward. As you begin to ride, continue to hold onto the doorway with one hand and your handlebars with the other hand. Increase your speed and change gears, if necessary, to find a speed/tension that feels best for you.

Once you have spent several minutes using the doorway as your main means of support while balancing on your bicycle, start taking your hand off of the doorway for just a moment or two – but grabbing back onto the doorway, if need be.

With some practice, you’ll begin to be able to slowly take your hand off of the doorway and cycle on your own, balancing as you would in almost the exact same way as if you were riding your bike outside on the street. Avoid making sudden movements or quick turns. You want to keep your eyes pointed forward as you ride, or looking at a point on the ground about 10-15 feet (3-5 meters) in front of you as you ride.

If the doorway that you are riding in is narrow enough, you will find that even if you fall to one side or the other, you can use your shoulders to stop you from falling by using your shoulders as a brace when you lean too far to one side or the next. See the video above for more details on how to do this!

Once you’ve built up your confidence and are able to balance on your indoor bicycle rollers with ease, try changing gears and making it more difficult for you to cycle. In just 30-60 minutes or so, you can get a real working out a set of indoor bicycle rollers such as this.

The Best Indoor Bicycle Rollers

I’ve used and tested several different bicycle trainers and indoor bicycle rollers over the years, but the Tacx Galaxia indoor rollers that I feature in this article are some of the best indoor bicycle rollers I have ever used.

While the Tacx Galaxia (and similar indoor bicycle rollers) are far from easy to balance on (and they do require a fair bit of skill and practice), these indoor bicycle rollers provide the most fun, and the most enjoyable, indoor cycling experience imaginable.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stay in shape, ride your bike at night, in the big city, or whenever the weather outside doesn’t allow for normal outdoor cycling, then the Tacx Galaxia indoor bicycle rollers are (in my opinion) the best indoor bicycle rollers out there!

Highly recommended! 10 out of 10. Buy them here… on Amazon.com and have them shipped directly to your home.

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