My Winter Cycling Clothes Have Arrived!

My winter cycling clothes have arrived!

Earlier this year I spent 25 days cycling around Iceland and boy was it cold there. It was so cold, in fact, that I had to wear snow pants and winter gloves just about every day of the tour.

When I flew to London, England around the beginning of June, however, I no longer had a need for my winter cycling apparel and certainly didn’t want to carry that stuff around with me during the hot summer months when I definitely wouldn’t be needing it. So, instead of carrying my snow jacket, snow pants and winter gloves on my bicycle during the months of June, July, August, September and October, I left them with my friends Jill and Shaun in England.

Then, upon my arrival in Brasov, Romania a couple weeks ago, I emailed Jill and Shaun and asked them to send my winter clothing to me.

It took about two weeks to get from England to Romania, but my clothes did arrive and I am so happy that they did! It has been getting pretty cold lately and I know that when I leave Brasov at the end of October and cycle north into Moldova, Ukraine and Poland during the months of November and December, having these clothes with me is going to be vital to my success and safety out on the road.

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