Mental Fortitude – The Moment Things Get Difficult

On our second day of off-road riding in Iceland, Brandon and I were forced to tackle a long, uphill and snow-covered mountain range. We had no idea how much snow there would be, how high the mountain climbed, or whether we could even make it to the other side. But I knew we had to try!

In the end, we climbed for several hours before realizing we could go no further. The wind was blowing at close to 90-miles-per-hour, snow and ice was blinding our vision and we were afraid that we might get stuck in the bad weather if we tried to continue any further. So, after spending half the day going up the mountain, pushing our bikes most of the way and struggling to see where we were going, we had to turn around and go back the same way we came.

While this moment was the turning point for Brandon (the point when he realized he was no longer having fun), I had a blast pushing our bicycles up the mountain, getting blasted by ice crystals, and looking up every once and a while, only to realize that we were standing in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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