9 Months In Europe: A Bike Friday Travel Story Of The Month

For those who have been following this site over the past year, you’ll know that I’ve been slowly cycling my way through Central and Eastern Europe on a little red folding bicycle produced by a company in Eugene, Oregon called “Bike Friday.”

Every month Bike Friday sends out an email to their customer list profiling one of the people riding their bicycles. The August 2009 issue of Bike Friday’s “Travel Story Of The Month” featured me and my Bike Friday New World Tourist on my 9-month trip through 15+ different European countries.

The featured article consists of a long testimonial I wrote for the company about how my Bike Friday New World Tourist has saved me time and time again when traveling on boats and trains in Europe. Additionally, I talk about how the little red folding bike has been able to handle some incredibly rough/diverse terrain and how, while I had never planned on taking the bike on such an extended trip, it has performed far better than I ever expected it to.

To read my feature Bike Friday article, just click here.


0 thoughts on “9 Months In Europe: A Bike Friday Travel Story Of The Month

  1. owen says:

    Do U use a credit card at all in your travels ? U may have covered it somewhere and I missed it…just wondering about the practicality of relying on a card……very interesting reading.

  2. Darren Alff says:

    Owen, yes, I do use a credit card when traveling. I mainly use a Capital One credit card because they don’t charge me extra international fees. However not ALL places accept credit cards, as you can imagine. So you usually need a little cash in the local currency. But for the most part I use my credit card for just about every purchase. That way I can track my expenses… and I don’t have to worry about constantly converting my money into the local currency.

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