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Can Bicycle Touring Cure Your Depression?

Hundreds of people try bicycle touring or bikepacking each year as a cure or treatment for their depression. But is a bike tour (or cycling in general) a good cure for depression?

Watch the video above or listen to the latest episode of the “Bicycle Touring Pro” podcast to hear my thoughts on the subject of cycling and depression… as well as receive three important tips that you can use if you are suffering from depression and think that a trip by bike might be an adequate means of dealing with the depressive state you happen to be in at the moment. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are someone who is dealing with depression, please speak to a professional who knows what they are actually talking about. I am just a random guy on the internet. I don’t really know anything about this subject, so please take everything I say here with a grain of salt and speak to someone who can actually help you!

One thought on “Can Bicycle Touring Cure Your Depression?

  1. boynton beach rehab says:

    To me, as a person who loves cycling and regularly traveled out of town and long distances before the virus. It is very important that there is freedom of movement on the bicycle and in fact I am more depressed because of the impossibility of traveling on my bicycle in my state. Therefore, for me, for example, yes, this is an opportunity to cure depression and become stronger, at least as soon as they say that quarantine measures are weakened, I will immediately run off with my bicycle and drive around the area!

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