How To Change The Oil In Your Bicycle’s Pinion Gearbox

black and silver pinion gearbox

The Pinion gearbox is an internal gearing system for your bicycle, which eliminates the need for the front and rear derailleurs you are used to seeing on so many traditional bicycles.

The Pinion gearbox is basically a small metal box that is built into the bottom bracket of a bicycle… and inside that metal box is all of the gearing for your bike.

Because the gears are internal, like the gearing on a vehicle engine, the Pinion gearbox requires no regular cleaning or maintenance – other than simply wiping down the outside of the box whenever these parts becomes dirty.

The Pinion gearbox itself, like the engine in your car, however, does require a regular oil change – approximately once per year.

If you watch the video above you will learn how to perform this quick and easy Pinion gearbox oil change for yourself. All you need are a few basic tools, a catch basin (or a plastic bowl/cup), a towel or rag to wipe down any excess oil, and some replacement gearbox oil, which can be purchased directly from Pinion or from the Co-Motion Cycles website.

While there are different size Pinion gearboxes available, the oil change process is pretty much the same on all of the gearbox models.

Watch the video above to learn how to perform the Pinion gearbox oil change for yourself… then watch the videos below for even more info on how to change the oil inside your bicycle’s Pinion gearbox.

One thought on “How To Change The Oil In Your Bicycle’s Pinion Gearbox

  1. Stuart Knoles says:

    Experience of some four changes on my Pinion C1.12, prompts this addendum to the instruction. On the C1.12, the drain plug is found on the the case in the center between the cranks facing the left crank (no cover plate removal). The gearbox is of course a sealed compartment with the only opening being the small diameter drain. With the high viscosity oil, an issue is therefore exchange of displaced air when oil is removed and instilled. Upon removal of the drain plug, some oil will come out until air pressure prevents more drainage. Install the oil transfer adapter into the drain. With the tubing attached to the syringe, put the tubing on the adaptor just enough to instill some air (10 – 20 ml). Take the tubing off the adapter, and watch that much oil drain out. Repeat until air is heard coming out the adapter. To instill new oil, the opposite process is used. Draw up about 1/2 the amount of the new oil in the syringe. With the bike either inverted or on right side, and the tubing affixed to adapter, withdraw on the syringe 10 – 20 ml so that air comes out of the gearbox into the syringe, and then instill that much oil. Repeat until syringe is empty. Instill the rest of the oil the same way, and finish with a small amount of withdraw of air. Replace and tighten drain plug.

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