Chocolate, Ice Cream And Pizza

Chocolate, Ice cream and pizza. Three things I love about traveling around the world. You can buy these items just about anywhere, And while fundamentally the same, their variations from country to country can be quite vast. I’m not a wine drinker or a connoisseur of any real food group, but when traveling I do occasionally go out of my way to try a different or interesting looking chocolate bar, ice cream or pizza.

Tonight I walked to the nearby supermarket here in Brasov, Romania and found, somewhat to my surprise, that the place was still open. A little hungry, I wandered inside and exited a few minutes later with some apples and bananas, a bag of rice, a loaf of bread, and a small assortment of chocolates. I even threw in a good old American Snickers bar!

Some people who travel by bike claim that the food they eat along the way is their favorite part about the touring experience. I wouldn’t go that far. There are other aspects of bicycle touring that enjoy far more (the physicality, the challenge, the things I learn along the way, the occasional person I meet, etc) But I do enjoy a good chocolate, ice cream or pizza when I find it. I will admit to that!

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