Paragliding in Romania With Adriana, Ioana, Julian and Robert

I spent the morning working on my computer. Then,  sometime around 2 PM, I was picked up at the main roundabout in Brasov, Romania by my paragliding instructor Robert and a new student of his named Ioana. Together, the three of us drove for approximately two hours to a city northeast of Brasov (the name of which escapes me) where we drank from a well filled with sulfurous mineral water (Robert, Ioana and the locals loved it. I thought it tasted like rotten eggs.) and then spent the next couple hours flying with a large group of other paragliders from the area. There were probably about 20 paragliders in the sky at one point. Robert flew in his tandem paraglider with Ioana, who just recently started work at a Microsoft call center in Brasov. Julian, whom I met last week, flew with his friend Adriana in his tandem. And I did three short flights by myself. If the wind had kept up I could have stayed at that location for a whole lot longer.

After packing up our paragliders and jumping back into the cars, we drove down into the city and ate pizza on the patio of a fancy restaurant. The pizza cost about $3 USD and was so big I only at half of it. I took the other half back to my apartment with me. I also ordered a large lemonade, which cost nearly as much as the pizza did.

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