Learning To Paraglide In Brasov, Romania With Team Paramania

When making plans for my time in Brasov, Romania, I stumbled across a website that was advertising a 10-day class where you could learn to fly a paraglider.

“How awesome!” I thought. “I want to do that.”

After a quick email and a near hour-long Skype call with the instructor of the class, I committed to the endeavor before I even left my temporary home in Varna, Bulgaria. Now that my paragliding lessons in Romania are over, I can tell you that signing up for this course has been one of the best things I have ever done in my 12+ years of bicycle travel.

Not only did I get to fly a paraglider both in tandem and on my own, but I met some awesome people, saw numerous parts of Romania, entered my first paragliding competition, and learned a skill that I will be able to use to fly paragliders almost anywhere in the world.

Above are just a bunch of random photos from my day-to-day instructional paragliding lessons in the hills outside Brasov, Romania. In the photos with me are Robert (my instructor), Laurent (who is from France, but has a software development company here Romania), Mihai and Orelean.

Other pictures and stories from my paragliding class can be viewed by visiting the links below:

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