Live Video Recording: Discussing The Katy Trail

I just finished up another live streaming video broadcast. In case you missed it, here is the recording:

During the video I briefly discuss my recent adventures on the Katy Trail and talk about some of the books I’ve been reading. The books I mention in the video are as follows:

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0 thoughts on “Live Video Recording: Discussing The Katy Trail

  1. Harold Goeckeritz says:

    enjoyed your talk.I am an older Retired Guy and new to touring(72) but in decend physical shape.How can you find other fellows interested in touring on a Bicycle .

  2. Dan says:

    Thank You D.A. for, the encouragement and your advice!

    I plan on riding the Katy later this month and this website below is an awesome resource! It includes mileages, places to stay, places of interest, places to eat…..everything!

    There is also a link to purchase books on the Katy too.

    Thanks Again,

  3. DanOnRans says:

    Per the books that you recently read, I followed your advice from a previous post and just completed and thoroughly enjoyed David Lamb’s book, his mid-1990 trek across the U.S. It was much more readable than the plethora of stream-of-consciousness Web blogs. They each have their place. I am returning to your previous post to try another book in your list. Thank for the advice.


  4. Ben Barfield says:

    I would very much like to do the Katy Trail.. I’m 73 and do a lot of riding (BRAG,3 centuries a year).. Have mountain bike, hybrid and a road bike.. My problem is that I live in South Ga. and no body to ride with on these trips.. I’ve the time to do these rides.. Having done numerous trail rides solo is more fun when someone is alone..

    Ben Barfield
    Reidsville, Ga.

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