Folding & Coupled Bicycles Made For Touring

Are you looking for a touring bicycle capable of folding up for easy travel on planes, trains, boats, buses and automobiles? If so, you gotta check out this list of folding and coupled bicycles capable of short and long-distance bicycle travel. All of these bikes are capable of carrying a front and rear rack – and therefore, front and rear panniers as well.

If there is a bicycle that I may have missed and you think it should be added to this list, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

For a list of 200+ touring bicycles in all different shapes, size and price ranges, please see “The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles.”

The folding and coupled bikes shown below have been listed in alphabetical order.

Bike Friday – New World Tourist

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Bike Friday – Pocket Companion

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Bike Friday – Pocket Crusoe

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Bike Friday – Pocket Expedition

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Bike Friday – Pocket Llama

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Bike Friday – Pocket Rocket

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Bike Friday – Pocket Sport

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Brompton – P6R

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Brompton – P6R-X

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Co-Motion – Americano

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Co-Motion – Pangea

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Dahon – Speed TR

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Dahon – Tournado

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Important Notice:

To see more touring bicycles, please click here.

This page is no longer being updated. To view more than 200 different touring bicycles and learn how to select the right touring bicycle for you, please see: The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles.

I need your help completing this list! Which bicycles did I miss?

If you know of a folding or coupled bicycle made for touring that you think should be on this list, please leave a comment below with the name of the company, the specific bike model, and a link to the bicycle’s official website.

Remember: This is a list of folding and coupled touring bicycles only.


10 thoughts on “Folding & Coupled Bicycles Made For Touring

  1. sailinghome says:

    it’s a bit of an advert for Bike Friday, though I do understand that they offer a few variations on a theme. Maybe S+S couplers should be included in their own right, as they can be retrofitted to any non aluminium framed bike.

  2. Jon Picklesimer says:

    The Surly Travelers Check could be added to this list. I recently toured on the Cross Check which is the same bike without the S&S couplers. It was excellent and is a good cross between a road bike and touring bike. It can handle a heavy load and can also still go fast.

  3. Brian Myers says:

    Our two-piece Ravello Go Light road bike uses our proprietary connectors that work with non-round tubing, including aluminum and carbon. We can convert just about any road bike to a take-apart travel bike that fits in a rolling suitcase that travels as standard airline luggage (no oversize bike case charges). Or check out our Go Light road bikes at . Thanks.

  4. Phil Dickie says:

    Bike Friday also make one of the few folding tandems around, a boon for thousands of kilometres keeping kids safe in traffic, carrying family camping equipment etc, getting on and off public transport, and being an impromptu sag wagon for the slow or exhausted. Moultons also extremely comfortable, front panniers are on the frame not the wheels – one of ours more than 30 years old and still going strong

  5. Albert says:

    This is quite an interesting piece. I also think you’d have to include Schwinn Folding Bikes for Touring to increase the coverage of bikes for touring.

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