Fully Loaded For The First Time

Placing a set of fully-loaded panniers on your bicycle for the first time is a memorable moment. Here’s a picture of my new Co-Motion Pangea with a set of Ortlieb Bike Packer and Sport Packer panniers mounted to it for the very first time.

0 thoughts on “Fully Loaded For The First Time

  1. Geoff Shannon says:

    Hi Darren, If you were not going off road, do you think that the Bike Friday New World Tourer would hae been adequate for the length of trip you are doing? How does the NWTourer cope with a full load – that is, four panniers and a back carrier bag? I love my Bike Friday, but am willing to look elsewhere if need be for my on-road, long distance tours. Cheers and happy touring, Geoff.

    • Bicycle Touring Pro says:


      Did you read my review of the Bike Friday New World Tourist? http://bicycletouringpro.com/ultimate-bike-friday-new-world-tourist-review/

      The NWT is great with a full load and can be used for long-distance touring. You just get a lot of strange looks in foreign countries when you ride a bicycle like that. But there are a lot of benefits to traveling with a folding bicycle (especially if you plan to mix your travels with a lot of plane, bus, and/or train trips).

      Now that I have toured with traditional touring bicycles, folding bicycles, and full-size bicycles with S&S couplers (like to Co-Motion Pangea Co-Pilot), I don’t know if I would choose the Bike Friday NWT for a long-distance world trip (unless, like I said before, I knew I was going to be taking it on a lot of trains, planes or buses). Instead, I would choose a traditional touring bicycle or a full-size touring bike with S&S Couplers.

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