Ted Schredd’s Incredibly Silly “Fun Researcher” Bike Touring Videos

Long-time followers of BicycleTouringPro.com will know that one of my all-time favorite books about bike touring is “The Cycling Adventures Of Coconut Head: A North American Odyssey.” If you are even the slightest bit interested in bicycle touring and you haven’t read this book, you really need to get yourself a copy right away. It’s a truly unique, inspirational and laugh-out-loud funny book.

The reason for this article, however, is not to tell you about “The Cycling Adventures Of Coconut Head”, but to let you know that Ted Schredd, the author of that very book, is currently on a bike tour of his own – traveling from Summerland, British Columbia (Canada) to Los Angeles, California (USA) and documenting his travels via video all along the way.

The video above is just the third video is Ted’s long series of videos about his bike tour, but he has produced dozens more on his website at www.funresearcher.com and will continue producing more videos as his travels continue.

Ted is using his current bike tour as a means of spreading fun to people all around the world. Plus, he’s learning about interesting people he meets along the way and trying to get people to enjoy their lives a little bit more.  It sounds like a great mission to me!

If you knew Ted, you’d know that he is a naturally fun guy and wherever he goes he brings the fun with him. These videos, just like Ted, are funny as well… and I recommend you watch them all!

Some of my favorite videos are shown below. Be sure you pay attention to Ted’s little drawings that he does is some of the videos. His book is filled with similar drawings and they are one of Ted’s signature trademarks.

For more information on Ted Schredd and his “Fun Researcher Bike Tour”, be sure to head on over to his website at www.funresearcher.com.


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