How A Warren Miller Ski Film Inspired Me To Make A Documentary About Cycling Around The World

My friend Caroline Gleich (whom you might recognize from the cover of my book, “Stretching For Cyclists“) is a professional skier… and this year she was featured in the new Warren Miller ski film, “Like There’s No Tomorrow”.

Caroline got me into the Park City screening of the film just a couple months ago and about half-way through the movie I started thinking to myself, “I should make a movie like this… but with bicycles!”

What I realized while watching “Like There’s No Tomorrow” is that the film consisted of 10 different segments – each segment taking place in a different location somewhere around the world.

For example, the 10 segments included in “Like There’s No Tomorrow” are: India, Squaw Valley, Tuckerman Ravine, Portillo, Norway, British Columbia, New Zealand, the Rahlves Banzai Tour, Utah and Alaska.

Each segment of the film was approximately 6-12 minutes in length… and with 10 of these segments edited together, you had the makings of a feature-length film.

With this model I realized I could do something very similar with a film about cycling. I realized that I could travel to various parts of the world and shoot short 6-12 minutes segments in each area that would later be edited together into a feature-length film that would literally span the globe.

You can’t really get a feel for the 10 different film segments inside “Like There’s No Tomorrow” by watching the trailer above, but the thing you can pull from watching this short 4-minute video is that the film as a whole actually inspires you (as the viewer) to get off your butt and go skiing.

That is the main thing I want to create with this film about cycling around the world. I want the movie to not only be educational and beautifully shot and edited, but I want the film to actually inspire people to get off their butts and go for a bike ride – whether that be a bike ride around the block or a bicycle tour around the word.

So there you have it! Inspiration sometimes strikes in the strangest of places… and in this case, inspiration came from a film about skiing.


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