John Muldoon And I Rock Out With Coldplay

My last three nights in London, England were spent at the home of reader, John Muldoon. During my first night in John’s home I could hear Coldplay performing at the stadium directly across the street. The following night, Coldplay returned for another loud performance. The next evening, John and I went together to a late night screening of Prometheus 3D. And the following morning John was kind enough to cycle with me to the train station. Unfortunately, I lost my hat somewhere along the way (I had accidentally put it on the rear rack of my bicycle before leaving John’s home and the hat likely fell into the street at some point during the ride to the train station). After John left me at the train station I bought a ticket for me and my bicycle to Dover, England… and from there I ferried myself over to Dunkirk, France for the next leg of my travels.

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