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5 thoughts on “I Love Lviv, Ukraine!

  1. jessy88 says:

    well , i met my boyfriend in old town lviv , it was so romantic ,we spent a good time since we first met and we enjoyed our time alot, The Lviv old town itself is an amazing place to walk around, add to that the decorations of Christmas just makes it even more pleasant and lovely. The old town is full of rich culture, there you can find most of the famous museums, restaurants, cafes & old cathedrals.


  2. Konrad says:

    STOP lying! Lviv is not ukrainian city! It was built by Poles and since 1945 is under ukrainian occupation! This architecture is polish. Ukrainians built blocks of flats just ugly Soviet-style on the outskirts of the city. This is their whole merit archutektoniczna for this city. Today they destroying polish signs in the city 🙁

  3. zagloba says:

    HI Mr Konrad, Allow me to disageee: Lviv is beautiful becayse of its Austrain influence in layout and architecture – relating it to Vienna, Prague and Budapest. The Slavic people cannot boast with their cities: Moscow is ugly, and so is pre World War 2 Warsaw. Point out to me their architectural wanders, if you disagree: Does Moscow Have Secession style buildings or churches? Ditto for Warsaw. I think that the uglies cities in the world are Dublin, Ireland and Belfast in Ulster. Was Otto Wagner active outside Austrio-Hungarian empire? I doubt it. To declare Lviv – Lemberg as a Polish city is a nationalist bourgeois solipsistic nonsense. andrew

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